Our motto in GMFTC is “Fitness for Everyone!”

We believe that fitness is not just for the young and healthy but for every individual irrespective of their age and ability. Hence, our clients range from the age of 7 to 80 years.Based on the age and body requirement we tailor a customized package to suit every individual.


Welcome to GMFTC

Based on the age and body requirement we tailor a customized package to suit every individual.

Our Service

GMFTC Regular Workout

This program provides a host of different workout styles targeting endurance building along with an extensive range of core strengthening exercises.

GMFTC Body carving

This extensive exercise progarm includes SGMY exercices (GMFTC exclusive) which is a set of highly intense exercises to facilitate faster weight reduction and toning of muscles. It builds a higher body resistance while reducing the excessive fat.

GMFTC Shape up Program

This program helps you get in shape and tones the body.It focuses on reduction of excessive fat at targeted areas of the body.

GMFTC Rejuvenation program

Just like our body, our face comprises of numerous muscles. Flexing these muscles in the right way can have tremendous effect in improving the facial texture.

Events at GMFTC

It's not just the hard work and sweating, we also ensure to have fun at regular intervals.
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Feedback from our esteemed client

It gives us immense pleasure when our clients take time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing GMFTC Fitness Solutions with their feedback


Our body achieves what our mind believes. Once we get the desired results this practice becomes an addiction, that is so true!

My name is Raga and I have been attending workout sessions at GMFTC for the last 5 months. I must admit that I have been exercising and working out for the last 15 years but nothing comes any closer to what I have experienced at GMFTC in such a short span. I was referred to GMFTC by a friend who said that she could see the desired results in less than 2 months. I saw no harm in enrolling for a new program as I had already experimented with half a dozen of them. At GMFTC, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Discipline, dedication, desire and determination are the 4 keywords that we are always reminded of. We are also asked not to rest our bodies lest we rust them. “Be stronger than the strongest of your excuses” is what our Yogita ma’am tells us. Her unique style of functioning has helped us to lose excess weight, tone our bodies, improve our stamina and strength. I am extremely happy with the results that I have seen. I have never seen a more passionate trainer. She works as hard as we do to ensure that we achieve our goal. She not only stresses on the physical fitness but also on mental wellbeing. So, rest assured our journey at GMFTC is very spirited one. We start our day with determination and end it satisfaction. So, thank You so much Yogita ma’am, Thank You GMFTC, thanks for all the support.

Rashmi Deshpande

I Am Rashmi Deshpande and I would like to express my great gratitude towards GMFTC. GMFTC is not only a Fitness center along with time it has become like a family to me. I have been a part of GMFTC from the past 2 years and I have had fantastic experience. It has been a privilege rather an advantageous journey working with Mrs. Yogita, our instructor. She has helped me a lot with my diet and health. The best thing about GMFTC is that they emphasize on equipment free workout and include Zumba, aerobics and other workout styles in their routine which makes it the most fun way to workout. Ever since I joined GMFTC I have become more cautious about my health and proper diet. I would like to conclude by saying that going to GMFTC has changed my life in a positive way.