It’s not just the hard work and sweating, we also ensure to have fun at regular intervals.

“Fashion Fiesta” is an annual event held by GMFTC where a platform is provided to all our clients to perform, enjoy and create memories.

The age over here does not matter, it’s the moment that we live...

Showcasing dances, skits, dramas, songs and fashion shows – all the members of GMFTC come together as a huge family to make the evening a memorable one!

All the performers here are the clients of GMFTC and surprisingly none of them are trained dancers! The members had a great time practicing and performing together.

Snapshot of events of GMFTC Fashion fiesta.

Snapshot of events of GMFTC Fashion fiesta.

Another snapshot of events of GMFTC Fashion fiesta.

Fashion fiesta in progress.

Members of GMFTC family gathered together

Fashion show at Fashion Fiesta

Time and again we find reasons to celebrate and bring the GMFTC family together where we all join hands in unity and enjoy the evening.
These events turn out to be another pearl in an oyster… very precious.
(Christmas and Halloween pictures)

Apart from these we also conduct workshops at frequent intervals where we invite doctors and health experts to provide insight on health and fitness to our clients and address their queries and concerns.

Women’s health program conducted in 2015

Image of workshop Conducted.

Another image of workshop conducted