Our motto in GMFTC is “Fitness for Everyone!”
We believe that fitness is not just for the young and healthy but for every individual irrespective of their age and ability. Hence our clients range from the age of 7 years to 80 years. Based on the age and body requirement we tailor a customized package to suit every individual.

At GMFTC, we focus on the overall development of a person. Be it lack of stamina, losing/gaining weight, rehabilitation of injuries related to muscle imbalance or other medical conditions, It is all taken care through the power of exercise.

Today’s sedentary lifestyle and eating habits have led to many ailing bodies and obesity. With the primary vision of keeping this at bay, we aspire to stretch out our hands to people and help them gain confidence by achieving an optimum level of fitness.
“Let the journey from the cradle to the tomb – be a fit and healthy one!”

What differentiates us?

  • At GMFTC, we customize the workout based on the body requirement of the individual
  • We focus not just on the weight loss but on the overall development including medical conditions
  • We cater to the fitness requirements of all age groups including seniors seeking safe rehabilitation of injuries related to muscle, joints and spinal injuries
  • We provide a scheduled diet which is tailored for every individual keeping their metabolism in mind

Benefits of our workout regime

  • Done without specialized equipment
    This makes the exercises extremely versatile. The dependency on machinery is minimal because we believe that Our health is in our hands

  • Builds flexibility while building core strength
    This reinforces strong and flexible joints and makes it great for any age and ability.
  • Focuses on breathing with movement
    Proper breathing patterns followed during the exercises calms the mind and greatly facilitates in stress reduction while improving the lung capacity

  • Develops great muscle tone
    Not just weight loss, the exercise also targets in toning the muscles without any loose or sagging skin, which means that you look and feel great!